Covid-19 has evolved into a global pandemic with about 2.4 million contracted cases and over 165,000 deaths, and the numbers continue to grow on a daily basis.  While governments around the world have ordered lockdowns and travel restrictions to contain the further spread of the virus, these measures have caused panic and major uncertainty for the global economy.

With the economy stagnant since the beginning of the social unrest in mid-2019 and now further compounded by the effect of the virus, the economic outlook of Hong Kong is grim.  Overall, unemployment rate is hitting a 9-year high, causing much stress to our beloved citizens. In an attempt to alleviate the situation, the Hong Kong Government offers HK$10,000 for every permanent resident aged 18 or above.  This payout would mean a lot to the under- privileged families, especially those who have lost their jobs or suffered a loss in income during this pandemic.

HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP) launched a “We Share! We Can!” pilot study to leverage on the Government’s HK$10,000 handout for every adult permanent resident in Hong Kong in April, 2020.   While everyone’s life has been affected by the pandemic, the under-privileged families are the most hit by the crisis, with many of them losing their jobs or income as a result. In the spirit of caring is sharing, we are committed to helping those families in need and would like to invite participants to donate their Government handout to under-privileged families in Hong Kong. In collaboration with Yan Oi Principals Association (仁愛校長會), 陳校長免費補習天地and the QEF-sponsored project, “Early identification and Intervention of Youth Suicide Clusters in Hong Kong”, we will pass the HK10,000 to the under-privileged families recommended by the principals.

Content of the project:

  1. Encourage more kindhearted people to donate whole or part of the $10,000 handout from the Government to those students who families are in financial hardship;
  2. The donors will be matched by students beneficiary, donors would know how their donations assist the students, and students will show their appreciation to the donors through letter, card, or arts work;
  3. Conduct a Social Impact Research:
    1. To understand how the Government cash handout ($10K) would make a difference to the families in need
    2. To understand the rationales of participants who like to forward the $10K to the families in need
    3. To assess the impact on life satisfaction of the families who receive the donation and  the individuals who contribute the  10K


  • Total 35 Contributors donating HK10K or above to 41 unprivileged families
  • For the additional resources, donors spend on something expandable and for others they are lifeline, bread and butter (see fig 1)
  • Providing cash handout, it is useful for those who are vulnerable and not so much for others, more room for improvement to make the policy more cost effective.
  • By donating to others in need, you will be happier. More blessed to give than to receive. (See fig 2)
  • Adding value in the lives of both contributors and beneficiaries if we can use it more effectively

Figure 1

Figure 2

Names of Contributors:


  1. A suffered family from COVID-19
  2. Students from the below schools
    • Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College
    • Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
    • CCC Heep Woh Primary School
    • CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School
    • ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School
    • FDBWA Cheung Chuk Shan Kindergarten
    • Fresh Fish Traders’ School
    • HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School
    • Light and Love Home Happy Kindergarten (On Tai)
    • Ng Yuk Secondary School
    • PLK Ma Kam Ming College
    • Rhenish Church Grace School
    • Ta Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School
    • Tsung Tsin College

Total 14 schools from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School

Kick off Press Conference on 10 May 2020:

Newspaper recorded:

報章 日期 標題 版面
星島日報 2020年5月9日 樂善堂助財困學生家庭 劏房一家四口月入僅5400元
Bastillepost 巴士的報 2020年5月10日 樂善堂助財困學生家庭 劏房一家四口月入僅5400元
Bastillepost 巴士的報 2020年5月10日 樂善堂轉贈愛 捐5000至1萬元予財困學生家庭
Oh! 爸媽 2020年5月10日 樂善堂轉贈愛 捐5000至1萬元予財困學生家庭
灼見名家 Master Insight 2020年5月10日 【政府派錢一萬 點使好?】
雅虎(香港) 2020年5月10日 疫情下劏房戶收入大減 樂善堂向基層學生提供援助
頭條日報網 2020年5月10日 樂善堂助財困學生家庭 劏房一家四口月入僅5400元
晴報網 2020年5月10日 【人間有愛】樂善堂「轉贈愛」撑財困學生 即捐$100萬作起動基金
香港01 2020年5月10日 【新冠肺炎】樂善堂發起行動 復課起向有財政困難學生提供援助
東網 2020年5月10日 疫情下劏房戶收入大減 樂善堂向基層學生提供援助
晴報網 2020年5月11日 「樂善堂轉贈愛計劃」 助93學校基層學生
東方日報網 2020年5月11日 樂善堂支援基層學生 惠及93校
香港仔 2020年5月11日 政府派錢樂善堂籲轉贈窮學生
頭條日報 2020年5月11日 樂善堂「學校起動」 經濟支援基層童
香港商報 2020年5月11日 樂善堂籲轉贈「1萬蚊」予貧困家庭
星島日報 2020年5月11日 會地「轉贈愛」計畫起動 A12 地產
星島日報 2020年5月11日 樂善堂轉贈愛 最多萬元捐貧學生 A08 每日雜誌

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Thank you letters or cards from beneficiaries: