WeCare Fund 2017 for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Projects

By February 4, 2019Events, News, Project Update

WeCare Fund for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Project is conducted by The Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention. The Fund aims to encourage students to organise, initiate, and implement mental health related projects at university campuses with the support of professional advisors. Through these projects, we hope to nurture positive emotions at campuses and to enhance awareness of mental health issues among youths.

With the generous support of Ms Beatrice Mok, Founder of Community Partner Foundation, the project invited applications from students and tertiary institutions from June to August 2017. Eleven selected projects had been successfully funded and completed at 10 tertiary institutions by July 2018. An award ceremony was held on the 31st January, 2019. Best Practice Award was awarded to four projects. They were all granted with additional HK$30,000 to sustain and expand their projects. An in-depth news reporting of the project can be found at : 【走出傷痛】富商八年前輕生 遺孀首開腔憶傷痛:當時很多signal

Best Practice Award was awarded to (not in any order):

WeCare About You – Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
Always by your side – The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Heart to heart -The University of Hong Kong
Open Care, Open Heart – The Open University of Hong Kong

Certificates of Appreciation was awarded to (not in any order):

Take it easy – Chinese University of Hong Kong
Other ways out – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Here we are – Shue Yan University
Shed it off – Tung Wah College
The Empathy Production The University of Hong Kong
Joyful Ambassador– IVE- Hawking Wong Branch
Mental Health Program 2017 – Hong Kong College of Technology