WeCare Fund for Student-Initiated Youth Suicide Prevention Projects (Round 2)
《與你同行》資助計劃 – 由學生主導的防止青年自殺計劃(第二輪)

Application Guidelines

1. Background

  • Students are the epicenter of student suicide incidents. To empower them and facilitate them to organize self-help and/or mutual help projects would not only contribute to controlling this crisis, but also be beneficial for identifying good practices for youth suicide prevention.

 2. Objectives

  • To facilitate students to initiate and deliver mental health related projects on campus targeting young people;
  • To guide student-initiated projects with professional advices (e.g. clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, school social worker, or other relevant disciplines);
  • To foster positive emotions amongst the Universities/Institutions; and
  • To enhance public awareness on mental health issues.

3. Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance understanding of mental health and suicide prevention;
  • Acquire generic skills, especially social communication skills and self-reflection ability;
  • Enhance students’ knowledge on mental health issue and suicide prevention; and
  • Cultivate Empathy for others.

4. Quota

  • 8 projects

5. Eligibility

  • All full-time and part-time post-secondary students studying in the list of Universities/Institutions in Appendix 1
  • Project must undergo with professional advices (e.g. clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, school social worker, or other relevant disciplines)

6. Themes of Project Proposal

  • A project proposal should meet at least one of the following themes:
    1. Reaching out to peers with emotional distress/suicidal risk
    2. Encourage help-seeking among students when having emotional distress or feeling suicidal
    3. Mental health promotion among students

7. Funding Available

  • In principle, each approved project will receive up to HK$50,000. The actual amount of fund approved will reflect the merits of the proposed project.
  • Funding decisions are normally announced within half month after the application deadline (End of September).
  • The Fund may be used to support research, direct services, community events, exhibitions, social entrepreneurship, documentary making, art, cultural promotion and presentations, and all activities that contribute to the goals of this project.
  • The first 60% of the Fund will be paid for the project leader as startup of the project. The outstanding amount will be paid in the form of reimbursement upon successful completion of the project, presentation of original receipts and evaluation report.
  • The Fund is a token subsidy and does not mean to assist any student body/group to generate income or profit.
  • Applicants are required to declare and report on details of any financial support already received at the time of application or as soon as they are awarded for the project. CSRP reserves the right to reduce its financial support to the project upon receiving such information.
  • In any event, the total financial support from CSRP should NOT exceed the proposed budget.
  • Upon completion of the projects, the grantee is required to submit a project report on or before 31 Jan 2017.
  • Based on the final evaluation of the 15 projects from Round 1 & 2, three Best Practice Awards will be identified, which will be awarded another HK$50,000, HK$30,000 and HK$20,000 for the champion, first-runner up and second-runner up respectively to sustain or extend their projects. The use of award funding should focus on youth suicide prevention but public compaign/education can also be considered as part of the component.

8. Duration of the Project

  • Each approved project should be completed before 31 Dec 2016.

9. Selection Procedure

  • A review committee will be organized by CSRP to select 8 projects from the applications. To ensure more institutions can be benefitted from the Project, we will prefer no more than one project being funded in one institution.
  • Upon completion of the first round of the project, the funded project is required to submit a project report and the committee will evaluate the projects’ effectiveness.

10. Assessment Criteria

Assessment will be conducted by CSRP on the basis of:

  • Relevance to the objectives and themes of the Fund;
  • Originality and innovativeness of the Project;
  • Help address a challenge related to mental health faced by the society, with clear potential benefits;
  • Be based on empirical research in the relevant field;
  • Conduct pre and post assessment in order to evaluate project effectiveness;
  • Partnership with professionals (e.g. clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor, school social worker, or other relevant areas);
  • Feasibility and sustainability of the project; and
  • The impact of the Project to the students.

11. Application Procedure

  • Applicants should download the proposal template to prepare the proposal and fill up an online application form to state clearly the project objectives, procedures, measurable indicators of its effectiveness, and justifiable budget.
  • Applicants should submit applications and proposals online on or before 19/9/2016.
  • Submission of incorrect/incomplete information may cause delay/disqualification. A successful applicant will be disqualified and/or, where appropriate, be required to refund the grant if he/she provides any false or misleading information to CSRP.
  • All selected projects must send members to attend a Briefing Session on 28/09/2016 (Wed), 5:00pm-6:00pm at The University of Hong Kong.

12. Important Dates

Date Content
15/8 – 19/9/2016 Application period
End of Sept 2016 Selection of 8 Projects
28/9/2016 Briefing Session
1/10 – 31/12/2016 (Phase 1) Start the Project
31/1/2017 Submission of Project Report
Mid of Feb 2017 Selection of the Best Practice Award (the champion, first-runner up and second-runner up)
1/3 – 31/5/2017 (Phase 2) Start the Project

13. Contact Person : Miss Phoebe Hui

14. Enquiry : 2831 5229

15. Email : phoebehlc@hku.hk

16. Download : Proposal Template (Word)

17. Application Form : Round 2 application closed


1. 背景

  • 學生在學生自殺事件中擔當重要角色。促進學生自救及互助能力的計劃不僅有助控制自殺危機,而且有助發掘有效的防止青年自殺措施。

2. 目的

  • 協助學生在校園内發起及組織促進朋輩精神健康的活動;
  • 讓學生主導的計劃獲得專業人員指導(如臨床心理學家、精神科醫生、輔導員、學校社工、以及其他相關方面的專家);
  • 培養校園内的積極情緒;及
  • 加強青年大眾對精神健康的關注

3. 參加者學習成效

  • 增強對精神健康及防止自殺的認識;
  • 學習共通能力,特別是針對情緒危機的溝通能力和自我反思能力等技巧;
  • 提升同學對精神健康與防止自殺的認識;及
  • 培養同理心

4. 資助名額

  • 八個計劃

5. 參加資格

  • 所有在<附錄一>名單上的大專院校就讀之全日制及兼讀制學生
  • 計劃須獲得專業人員指導(如臨床心理學家、精神科醫生、輔導員、學校社工、以及其他相關方面的專家)

6. 計劃主題

  • 每份計劃申請需至少符合下列一項主題:
    1. 支援有情緒困擾或自殺風險的朋輩
    2. 鼓勵朋輩在情緒困擾或有自殺念頭時尋求協助
    3. 推動朋輩關注精神健康

7. 基金贊助

  • 每個選出的計劃將會獲取不多於港幣50,000元的資助。實際資助金額將根據計劃的優異程度來決定。
  • 申請結果將於申請截止日期後半個月内公佈 (九月底)。
  • 資金可用於支持研究、提供直接服務與幫助、社區活動、展覽、社會企業、紀錄片製作、藝術、文化宣傳和展示、以及所有能達到計劃宗旨的活動。
  • 獲批資助金額的首60%將先支付予計劃負責人作爲開始計劃的成本。餘下的40%金額需要在計劃完成後,向香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心 (本中心) 提供正式收據及提交報告後,由本中心發回資金給同學。
  • 資金屬於補助性質,並不能用於協助學生組織或團體增加收入或利潤。
  • 申請者需列明計劃有否接受其他資金支持,而且在申請時或盡快於獲得其他資金時須彙報該資金的細節。本中心保留調整資助金額的權利。
  • 在任何情況下,計劃支出不能超過所建議的金額。
  • 計劃完成後,申請者必須於2017年1月31日或之前提交計劃報告。
  • 評審委員會根據計劃第一輪及第二輪共十五份報告選出「卓越計劃獎」的冠軍、亞軍及季軍,得獎計劃分別會額外獲得港幣50,000元、30,000元及20,000元的資金,以維持及擴展其計劃。此額外資金以用於防止青年自殺計劃為主,亦可包含公眾教育及活動作為其中的計劃元素。

8. 計劃推行時段

  • 每個選出的計劃必須於2016年12月31日前完成。

9. 甄選程序

  • 本中心將會成立評審委員會甄選出八個計劃。為了增加受惠的大專院校數目,本中心期望在每間大專院校選出不多於一個計劃。
  • 計劃完成後,申請者需提交報告給評審委員會檢閱及評估計劃成效。

10. 評審標準


  • 計劃與本資助計劃的目的及主題之相關性;
  • 計劃的原創性及創新性;
  • 計劃有助回應社會現時與精神健康有關的問題,並有明確的潛在益處;
  • 計劃根據及引用有關領域的研究;
  • 計劃前後會進行評估,以準確地評估計劃之成效;
  • 與專業人士合作(如臨床心理學家、精神科醫生、輔導員、學校社工、以及其他相關方面的專家);
  • 計劃的可行性及可持續性;及
  • 計劃對學生的影響

11. 申請程序

  • 申請者需下載計劃書範本以撰寫計劃,並填妥網上報名表格,清楚列出計劃宗旨、過程、可量度的計劃成果和合理預算。
  • 申請者須於2016年9月19日或之前提交網上報名表及上載計劃書。
  • 提交不正確或不完整資料的申請人可能導致延誤或取消資格。成功申請者如被發現提交虛假或誤導資料,將會被取消資格,亦會被要求退還資金給本中心 (如適用)。
  • 成功申請者必須派計劃成員出席於2016年9月28日下午5時至6時在香港大學舉行之簡介會

12. 重要日期

日期 内容
15/8 – 19/9/2016 接受申請
2016年9月底 挑選八個計劃
28/9/2016 簡介會
1/10 – 31/12/2016 (第一期)開展計劃
31/1/2017 提交計劃評估
2017年2月中 選出「卓越實踐計劃獎」的冠軍、亞軍及季軍
1/3 – 31/5/2017 (第二期)開展計劃

13. 聯絡人:許小姐

14. 查詢:2831 5229

15. 電郵地址:phoebehlc@hku.hk

16. 下載:計劃書範本

17. 報名方法:第二輪申請已結束

Useful Documents for Report & Reimbursement

  1. Report Template:
    1. Final Report Template
    2. Financial Report Template
  2. Optional Documents:
    1. Claim Form for Travelling Expenses
    2. Receipt Template