Shining Heart (1st runner-up)


The Education University of Hong Kong

Team Members

Leung Kwan Cham (Project Leader)
Au-yeung Yuen Kan
Yuen Hiu Yan
Chen Yuqing

Professional Advisor

Ms. Lee Wai Ping, Pauline
Student Counsellor
The Education University of Hong Kong


Targeting Hall residents of The Education University of Hong Kong, this project aims at enhancing positive emotions, awareness of youth suicide and mental health, and to encourage help-seeking behaviour of hall residents and students when under emotional distress.


The aim of this project is to cultivate a positive and caring atmosphere in campus, enhance positive emotions, increase awareness of mental health and encourage help seeking behaviour among students when under emotional distress. Also, they also hope to nurture hall tutors to be caring individuals, who are willing to help through various mental health promotion activities.


Various activates were conducted, such as “Ed Power Station”, expressive art therapy workshops, and producing and distributing of caring gifts into dorms of each individual hall residents (Angel card, files, drinks, file and card cases with positive messages and help seeking resources). This project also provided a space in the campus to encourage students to share positive message to self and others at the Ed Power Station.

Impacts and Outcomes

This project has successfully promoted a caring campus in the Education University of Hong Kong. Students showed enhanced positive emotions, increased awareness of mental health and understood the importance of help-seeking when under emotional distress. Furthermore, the distributing of souvenirs in various dormitories have further increased the bonding between students and hall tutors.

Number of Beneficiaries

2000- 3000 students