Peer We Care


The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)

Team Members

Jian YuHeng Stella (Project leader)
Lee Kai Man
Yip Sau King
Cheung Wan Ting
Lui Sau Wai
Lau Chun Sing, Johnson

Professional Advisor

Lui Chun Fai, Edwin
Student Counsellor
The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Morrison Hill)


This project aimed to train students at IVE to be peer counsellors with good counselling skills and mental health knowledge, so as to care students with emotional distress and encourage emotional distressed peers to seek help.


Through the training of peer counsellors, they hope to foster positive emotions in IVE school campuses, promote help seeking behaviour and increase the awareness of mental health issues.


This project included 1 whole day training workshop and 1 overnight camp to train up to 60 selected peer counsellors at seven campuses of IVEs/ HKDI. After the training, various mental health related booths, activities, carnival and peer support groups were set up at 5 IVE campuses. Souvenirs were distributed to students who came into the booths and at mental health promoting activities.

Impacts and Outcomes

Peer counsellors were trained with peer counselling skills, where 39 of them were trained with knowledge on Mental Health First-Aid. They were fully equipped to identify and support students with emotional distress in IVE campuses.

Furthermore, students with potential emotional distress were supported by Peer Counsellors. They were then invited by Peer Counsellors to various gatherings and activities where positive atmosphere were promoted and supports were offered.

Students across different IVE campuses also joined the roadshow and lunch booths. A positive atmosphere was created in IVE campuses through these events. Students were able to get better understanding on mental health issues and the importance of help seeking from peer or student counsellors when under emotional distress.

Number of Beneficiaries

1100 students