Social Media for Social Good [Talk 3]

By February 23, 2017Events, Project Update

Our seminar ‘How to make the Internet Safer and Better?’ was successfully held on 22 February, 2017. We were honored to have Mia Garlick, Director of Policy of Facebook Headquarter, Charles Mok, the legislative councilor (IT constituency), and Hsu Siu-man, Supervisor of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG) sharing their views on the topic – ‘how can social media play a more active role in suicide prevention’.

The seminar was followed by a vibrant discussion with more than 50 people attended, including teachers and counsellors from schools, government departments, non-government organisations, social media professionals, scholars and students from various disciplines.

‘As a counsellor providing service to school teenagers, I need guides to empower my students so that they can support their peers. I was thinking that if the kid’s friends had seen the last words he posted on Facebook and knew how to respond, they could have saved his life,’ said a school counsellor.

We would like to express our deep sorrow for the loss. At the same time, we were grateful to see that the school representatives were determined to help our youngsters and proactively seek advice from professionals. Here we kindly inform the resources we have for diverse stakeholders including schools, parents, and media professionals:

Visit the WeCare website for information related to suicide prevention such as warning signs, risk and protective factors, tips for communicating with people who are emotionally distressed, etc.

Play the interactive game to know how you can respond and support a friend who is going through emotional distress and suicidal thoughts.

We also provide mental health-related and suicide prevention training workshops for different stakeholders in the society. Please do not hesitate to contact us via 2831-5232 for more information of and supports for suicide prevention.

我們以「如何使網上世界變得更安全和美好?」主題的研討會已經於二零一七年二月二十二日順利舉行。當中Facebook政策主任 Mia Garlick,立法會議員(資訊科技界)莫乃光,和香港青年協會督導主任徐小曼,就社交媒體能如何更主動參與防止自殺工作作出分享。