Using the Satisfaction With Life Scale as Social Impact Measurement

By April 29, 2019Events, News, Project Update

Nowadays, social service agencies are increasingly subjected to pressures to conduct evidence-based program evaluations. While typically, by convention these assessments were output based, nonetheless, stakeholders (i.e., the impact investors, donors, public funders, private sectors) increasingly look beyond this standard and request for demonstration of the social outcomes created. Interests and attention have been rising on the use of Social Impact Measurement (“SIM”) to measure the social impact of a project.

In this article we explain why subjective well-being measures, such as the measure of life satisfaction, can be one of the appropriate measures for SIM. Second, we provide statistics of the local population scores on life satisfaction from a recent population survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong. This article have practice implications for SIM in the Hong Kong setting.

Download the article here. 

Chan Chee Hon, The University of Hong Kong
Ted Kwan, Fullness Social Enterprises Society