Press Conference WSPD 2015 – Update

By September 10, 2015News, Press Conference

CSRP marked the World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 2015 with a press conference on Sept 9. Besides speaking to the latest suicide statistics in Hong Kong, the director of CSRP, Professor Paul Yip, highlighted youths mental health problems in his address this year.  In response to the theme for WSPD this year, “Reaching Out & Inspiring Lives”, two youths and their social workers were invited to speak about their experiences with online outreach services targeted at youths. With support by their social workers, the two youths were able to overcome their psychological barriers to seek help and face challenges head on. Both youth clients made great progress since they started receiving support, and are now passing on the message of hope to others. The speakers’ experiences were inspiring to many to do their part in reaching out and saving lives.