Open Up: Online Emotional Support Service for Youth

Top Features:

Accessibility: Free, 24/7


For youth aged 11 to 35

Multi-platform: WhatsApp, Facebook Messengers, SMS, the official web-portal

Co-created: service providers, suicide prevention researchers, IT experts, funder

Integrated: 5 agencies in 1 service

Evidence-based: evaluation in a dynamic manner and provide quick feedback to service operators

Help-seeker profile from help-seeker pre-chat survey
Over 90% of help-seekers was moderately or severely distressed (i.e, >7 as measured by Kessler Psychological Distress Scale)
Over one-third of help-seekers reported presence of ideation of suicide or self-harm in past two months
Service Outcome from Help-seeker Post-chat Survey

84.9% help-seeker feels better after the chat

87.9% find the chat service helpful

70.6% would recommend the service to a friend in need

45.4% did not seek help from anyone for the problems talked about in the chat session

86.3% find information about other services or community resources provided as useful

Remarks: Service data in June 2022.

Show your support – Join Us and Become an Open Up Volunteer

We believe that each one of us will ever walk through mountains and over troughs, yearning for understanding from someone around us when in distress. We listen to the aspirations of youngsters and accompany them through every trough. Your power of togetherness and companionship keeps youngsters from facing difficulties alone.
Being a volunteer does not only imply an investment of time, but also a learning process and a promise. We will be able to achieve more with your participation and contribution.

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