Join our focus group on altruism and well-being (with compensation) / 招募聚焦小組參與者 主題:有關助人與福祉 (補貼車馬費)

By November 16, 2015Project Update

A Qualitative Study on Altruism and Well-being

Join our focus group on altruism and well-being (with compensation)

You are cordially invited to join our focus groups on altruism and well-being in HK. Your participation and sharing will be very much appreciated and contribute to making Hong Kong a better society. To compensate for transportation and time, each participant will receive $100 HKD cash after completing the focus group. Refreshments will also be provided at the focus group.

For further details, please visit our website: (the details are available in English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese)

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HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, HKU

招募聚焦小組參與者 主題:有關助人與福祉 (補貼車馬費)

我們是來自香港大學的研究團隊,現誠邀您參與一項有關助人與福祉的關係的研 究。您的參與和分享將為我們的研究提供寶貴數據,亦將對改善香港的社會福祉作出重要貢獻。我們將向每名完成聚焦小組的參與者提供港幣100元正作為車馬費,以示謝意。小組討論時亦將會提供簡便小食及飲品。

詳情請訪問我們的網站: (繁體中文、英文、簡體中文三個版本可供參考)