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24 May 2018 version 2.1.9 version 2.1.9
6 Apr 2017 version 2.1.8 version 2.1.8
17 Jan 2017 version 2.1.5 version 2.1.5


『好心地』為全港首個結合搜尋、記錄、分享助人活動資訊的應用程式。我們搜羅全港各種不同助人資訊,從義工服務、捐款、捐血,到日常義助,不斷更新,努力確保總有活動合適你! App特色:

  • 提供及時更新的本地義工服務、捐贈和日常助人活動資訊
  • 以即時全球衛星定位準確地推介附近合適你的活動
  • 每週記錄助人行為和自我評估情緒和健康水平
  • 內置臨床認證的心理評估工具測量您的個人身心福祉



Help others and share happiness anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Helppiness is an app that is first of its kind combining search, record, and share information on helping events in Hong Kong. We gather a wide variety of events from volunteer service, donation, blood donation, to helping others in everyday life, with constant updates. We are confident that there must be some events that match your interests! Features

  • Provide a timely update of information on local volunteer service, donation, and helping in everyday life
  • Use real-time GPS location to suggest events around you
  • Record your helping behaviour and self-assessment on emotion and health weekly
  • Include clinically verified psychological scale in measuring your personal wellbeing

If you would like to learn more about the study in details, please download our Study Details guide and our App User’s Guide. “Helppiness” is developed under the CSRP’s project – “A Longitudinal Study on Altruism and Well-being”. Please visit the website for more information.

常見問題集 | Frequently Asked Questions

如何提交義助項目 | How to Submit Helping Event

This function may be temporary suspended due to research purpose.

第一步:首先到義助工作 > 義助提交
Step 1: Helping Events > Event Submission


Step 2: Fill in all relevant information, fields with the asterisk mark is compulsory.


第三步:如要添加活動圖片,請調整相片的縱橫比為16:9;而個人 / 組織圖片的縱橫比即應為1:1
Step 3: Please edit the image’s aspect ratio to 16:9, and to 1:1 for personal or agency logo.


Step 4: After you have completely filled in the details, please make sure you have clicked on “Submitted”. If you have not been able to submit all the details, you may also send an email to and attach the rest of the necessary information .


Step 5: After you have submitted the event, the App will first store your submitted information to our database. Then our team will confirm and publicise your event within three working days.


如何使用QR Code邀請朋友 | How to Invite Friends with QR Code

This function may be temporary suspended due to research purpose.

第一步:首先到設定 > 應用邀請
Step 1: Go to Setting > Invite Friends


Step 2: A QR Code will be generated. You can give this QR Code to someone to scan it with or share it on to social media.


如何使用QR Code接受邀請 | How to Accept Invitation with QR Code

This function may be temporary suspended due to research purpose.

Step 1: After starting Helppiness, select “QR Registration”

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Step 2: Scan your referer’s QR code with the built-in QR code reader

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Step 3: Enter personal information and register.

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