Anna Chan

By March 17, 2020

Ms. Anna Chan

Training Consultant
Counselling Psychologist

Anna Chan is an experienced educator who possesses a wide range of hands-on knowledge and skills in international education management, psychology in education, guidance and counselling, alumni engagement, parent relations and institutional advancement across the full spectrum from early childhood to tertiary education.

Building on the profound experiences working with people from diverse backgrounds, Anna is also a passionate practitioner in the field of counselling psychology and finds it gratifying to support the holistic development of people through her work in professional practice, training and consulting, and program development. She believes every individual has the potential to continuously grow and develop throughout different stages of life and is compassionate in supporting such development by establishing the therapeutic conditions through a person-centred approach with deep appreciation of individuals’ unique abilities, needs, preferences, beliefs, interests, ethnicity and cultural background.

Anna is eager to apply her experience and passion in education and mental well-being and contribute her humble effort in support of the mental health development in Hong Kong. Her current role and involvement in the development and the implementation of the Quality Thematic Network projects on promoting wellness in schools allows her to offer her experiences and share good practices within schools and amongst the broader communities in Hong Kong.