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Invitation for an Experimental Study on Altruism and Well-being
27nd April, 2016

Dear Madam/Sir,

You are cordially invited to participate in an experimental study on altruism and personal wellbeing. We are a research team from the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (CSRP), University of Hong Kong and this study is funded by the Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation. We plan to recruit approximately 300 participants to take part in a study involving our newly developed mobile app – Helppiness. Helppiness is a platform for you to view and share information on volunteering, donation, and informal helping activities around Hong Kong. It is also a tool to facilitate you to measure and monitor your levels of altruism and well-being. We hope Helppiness can introduce more kindness and happiness to your daily life. Your participation will be very much appreciated and will contribute to making Hong Kong a better society.

Anyone who is 18-year-old or above, holding a valid Hong Kong identity card, and will stay in Hong Kong for more than half of the time during July to Nov, 2016, will be eligible for this study. In addition, you are required to have a smartphone that is operating on either iOS 7 or above, or Android 4.1 or above.

The research study will last 16 months, including a four-month experiment and a follow-up survey twelve months later. All experiments and surveys will be conducted via the app. If you decide to join our study, you will be randomly allocated into either the experimental or the control group. In the first two months, the two groups will have access to different functions of the app so that we can compare the different functions’ effects. However, after two months, both groups will be able to access the same functions. As a participant of the research, you will be asked to periodically complete surveys and assessments relating to your views and experience in altruism, as well as on your mental and physical wellbeing. All information obtained will be used for research purposes only and your personal identification will be removed from all of our publications.

Upon completion of the study, you will be entitled to join a lucky draw as a token of our appreciation. The prize for the lucky draw is one iPad Mini 4 (64GB, Wi-Fi connection, any from the available colours). We will inform the draw winner by phone, and the winner can collect the prize in person at our office.

If you are interested in the study, please fill up the online application form or phone 2831 5232 on or before 11th July, 2016. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota of the study, we aim to select a sample with balanced gender, age, and working status. Our team will contact selected applicants on or before 15th July, 2016 and invite you at attend a briefing session prior the commence of the experiment. Details of the briefing session will announce with the confirmation notice. However, we apologise that we may not be able to inform selection results of all applicants.

We sincerely hope to have your support for the study. If you have any questions about the study, please feel free to contact the research team at 2831 5232. If you want to know more about your rights as a research participant, please contact the Human Research Ethics Committee for Non-Clinical Faculties, the University of Hong Kong (2241 5267).

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Paul S. F. Yip
Director / Principal Investigator
Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
The University of Hong Kong

HRECNCF Approval Ref: EA1512042




我們是來自香港大學防止自殺研究中心的研究團隊,現誠邀您參與一項有關助人與福祉關係的實驗研究。本研究獲周大福慈善基金會資助,現計劃招募大約300名參加者參與以本中心自行開發的手機應用程式『好心 地』為平台的實驗。『好心 地』除了發佈本港各地的義務服務、捐贈、日常助人活動資訊,亦可協助您衡量和監測自身在助人和福祉方面的得分。我們衷心希望『好心 地』可以為閣下帶來更多愛心與幸福。您的參與將為我們的研究提供寶貴數據,亦將對改善香港的社會福祉作出重要貢獻。

您只需年滿18歲,持有本港居民身份證,並會在2016年七月至十一月期間大部分時間內都留在香港便可報名參與。此外,為了令您更好地使用本應用程式,閣下的智能手機的操作系統需配置為iOS 7或以上,或Android 4.1或以上。


當整個實驗完成後,您將有機會參加抽獎活動,以表我們的謝意。獎品為一部iPad Mini 4 (64GB,Wi-Fi連接,隨機顏色)。屆時,我們將透過電話通知中獎者,中獎者需親身來到本中心領取獎品。


如閣下對是項研究有任何查詢,請與本團隊研究人員聯絡(電話: 2831 5232)。如閣下想知道更多有關研究參與者的權益,請聯絡香港大學非臨床研究操守委員會(電話: 2241 5267)。我們誠摯希望獲得閣下支持與參與。

葉兆輝教授 謹啟

香港大學非臨床研究操守委員會記錄號碼: EA1512042